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Authentic Faith Part 1
Blake Kersey |
04/23/2017 |
The earliest followers of Jesus did not refer to themselves as Christians. In fact, the title “Christian” was a derogatory term used by those outside the faith to describe followers of Jesus. While “Christian” can be defined a variety of ways, the term that Jesus’ earliest followers used to describe themselves gives greater clarity. In the first part of “Authentic Faith,” Pastor Blake looks at the defining mark that sets followers of Jesus apart.
Easter 2017
Blake Kersey |
04/16/2017 |
The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the climax of all human history! In this message, Pastor Blake talks about one word that is possible because of the resurrection. It’s one word that will change our eternity if we accept this free gift. Listen and discover WHY Easter truly does change everything.
Palm Sunday 2017
Blake Kersey |
04/09/2017 |
Many Jewish people who were shouting “Hosanna!” on Palm Sunday as Jesus rode into Jerusalem, just a few days later would be shouting, “crucify Him!” How could their passion for Jesus change so quickly? In this message, Pastor Blake looks at the motivation of the people welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem.
Hope in Darkness Part 7
Blake Kersey |
04/02/2017 |
The world tells us that if we want to be successful we need to focus on fame, fortune, and influence. God, however, has different standards for His children to be successful. In Pastor Blake’s final message in the series, Hope in Darkness, he identifies the three things 1 Peter 5 tells us we need to do in order to be successful in God’s eyes.
Hope in Darkness Part 6
Blake Kersey |
03/26/2017 |
While we do not know when Christ return will occur, we know that it could happen at any moment. In 1 Peter 4, Peter tells his readers to live our live-in the light of the imminent return of Jesus. Pastor Blake discusses the 4 commands Peter says that we should obey to make the most of our time here on earth.
Hope in Darkness Part 5
Blake Kersey |
03/19/2017 |
How do we know if we are maturing in the faith? Peter gives us specific instructions for how we are to treat one another in the church. He also tells us how we are to respond to those outside the church. 1 Peter 3:8-17 provides us with some incredible wisdom that we can apply to our lives today!
Hope in Darkness Part 4
Blake Kersey |
03/13/2017 |
In 1 Peter, we are reminded that this world is not our home. We are to live as aliens and strangers in this world, always longing for our eternal home in heaven. Peter tells us to live a holy life—to live our lives set apart for God’s glory. In 1 Peter 3, Peter tells husbands and wives how their marriages can and should display the glory of God. It is vital that our marriages point people to our Savior.
When the Church Gathers
Dr. Robert Smith Jr. |
03/05/2017 |
Dr. Rober Smith Jr., the professor of preaching at Beeson Divinity School, delivers a powerful message about the importance of love and fellowship in the church. Using the example of Paul, Dr. Smith outlines what is missing and what is needed in the church today.
DNow 2017
Caleb Farrow |
02/26/2017 |
Discipleship Now weekend for Decatur City youth
Hope in Darkness Part 3
Blake Kersey |
02/19/2017 |
In ancient architecture, the cornerstone was the most important, most foundational stone of the entire house. The lines of the cornerstone became the lines of the house. It was vitally important that the cornerstone was made of the most precious and tough materials so that when the storms came, the house would not crumble. Peter teaches us that we are to make Jesus the cornerstone of our life. In this message, Pastor Blake walks through what it means for Jesus to be our functional cornerstone.