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I Am Part 3
Blake Kersey |
07/23/2017 |
What does Jesus mean when He says “I am the gate of the sheep”? How does the fact that Jesus says He is the gate, effect how we live today? Listen as Blake discussed Jesus’ third I AM statement.
I Am Part 2
Blake Kersey |
07/16/2017 |
When Jesus claimed to be the light of the world, He was making one of the most controversial claims possible. He made this claim in the midst of some of the most religious people at the end of one of the most sacred Jewish festivals. Listen and discover what He meant back then, and what it means for us today
I Am Part 1
Blake Kersey |
07/09/2017 |
In the first part of this new series on the 7 I AM statements of Jesus, Blake looks at John 6 when Jesus says, “I am the bread of life.” In this one chapter, we see Jesus perform 3 miracles. But what was His point in performing these miracles Listen to discover how you can never hunger again.
Prescription for America
Blake Kersey |
07/02/2017 |
We are blessed to live in this wonderful nation. However, our country seems to be taking some detrimental turns. In this message, Blake talks about the steps we need to take as Christians to return back to God.
Authentic Faith Part 7
Blake Kersey |
06/25/2017 |
How are we supposed to respond with authentic faith when we don’t feel God’s presence? Is the darkness I’m facing a result of my past? Pastor Blake wraps up his sermon series on Authentic Faith asking the question, “How do I keep my faith authentic during times of spiritual dryness?”
Authentic Faith Part 6
Blake Kersey |
06/18/2017 |
You would be hard-pressed to find a more encompassing character trait for Jesus than humility. What does humility mean and how can we learn from Jesus about how we should be men and women of humility? Pastor Blake discusses this important element of faith in this message.
Authentic Faith Part 5
Blake Kersey |
06/11/2017 |
In the midst of our busy schedules, how do we make sure that we don’t allow our sincere and pure devotion to Christ to become diluted? In this message, Pastor Blake talks about our need to simplify our lives in order to find more time to deepen our walk with God and our relationships with others.
Galactic Starveyors VBS 2017
Blake Kersey |
06/04/2017 |
It is tempting to place Jesus in our top 10 list instead of making Him our priority. As we prepare for VBS, Pastor Blake walks us through Colossians 1:15-20. In this letter, Paul shows us that Jesus alone deserves to be our priority.
Authentic Faith Part 4
Blake Kersey |
05/28/2017 |
Wouldn’t it be great if at the end of our life we could say that our lives were fruitful, durable, and prosperous? The good news is that we can! We have to start living with the end in mind. In Psalm 1, we discover how we can truly live a blessed life by finding pleasure in meditating on God’s Word.
Senior Recognition 2017
Caleb Farrow |
05/21/2017 |
Recognizing 2017 Seniors