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Hope in Darkness Part 3
Blake Kersey |
02/19/2017 |
In ancient architecture, the cornerstone was the most important, most foundational stone of the entire house. The lines of the cornerstone became the lines of the house. It was vitally important that the cornerstone was made of the most precious and tough materials so that when the storms came, the house would not crumble. Peter teaches us that we are to make Jesus the cornerstone of our life. In this message, Pastor Blake walks through what it means for Jesus to be our functional cornerstone.
Hope in Darkness Part 2
Blake Kersey |
02/12/2017 |
When we understand that we are not citizens of this world, but of heaven, and comprehend the price that God paid for our salvation, the precious blood of Jesus, we do not want to hide from the world. Instead, we want to run to the world, with our hearts and minds guarded in Christ Jesus, to share the love of Christ. Pastor Blake opens up the second half of 1 Peter and answers the question, “How can I remain pure in a corrupt world.”
Hope in Darkness Part 1
Blake Kersey |
02/05/2017 |
Pastor Blake begins a sermon series through 1 Peter. In his introductory comments, Peter reminds the new Christians going through persecution to remain strong in the faith because of their inheritance that awaits them in heaven. This passage teaches Christians how to go through trials and hardships with patience and joy.
God's Grace
James Roberson |
01/30/2017 |
Want to understand the grace of God? Listen to this message by James Roberson, pastor of The Bridge Church NYC. James is a church planter supported by FBC. James clearly breaks down the meaning and significance of God’s grace in this message from Jonah 2.
Make an Impact
Blake Kersey |
01/22/2017 |
We will never become the people God intends us to become until we embrace the mission we were made to fulfill. What is it for you? There is no unimportant job or insignificant person Is it poverty, education, elderly, children? Get out there and do something! Make an impact! In this message, Blake asks the question, "What will you do about the burden God has placed on your heart?"
FBC Discipleship Strategy
Blake Kersey |
01/15/2017 |
What is the purpose for First Baptist and how are we going to accomplish it? As we continue our series, DNA, we look into what we want to become as a church. If you were to cut us open, what would you discover? If we want to be like Jesus, we must have a plan for reaching people with the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Reading the Bible
Blake Kersey |
01/08/2017 |
Many times we read the Bible but we don’t understand it. When we don’t understand it, we aren’t sure how to apply it to our lives. Pastor Blake takes us through a quick survey of the Bible and provides a practical way to read the Bible in order to understand it.
Spiritual Inventory
Blake Kersey |
01/01/2017 |
Before you can make a resolution, you need to do some evaluating. Blake sits down with 4 other ministers to discuss what a spiritual inventory looks like for a follower of Christ.
If God had a Christmas List
Blake Kersey |
12/25/2016 |
If God had a Christmas list, what would be on it? Pastor Blake gives 4 things that God wants you to know!
The Story that Changed Everything Part 2
Blake Kersey |
12/18/2016 |
If we want to know “Who am I?", we have to first answer the question “Whose am I?” The naming of Jesus tells us all we need to know about our identity. Listen along as we study the Christmas story from Joseph’s perspective.