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Mobile Giving Information

Need an Online Giving Log-in:

  1. Access the church website:
  2. Select the “Give” option
  3. Select “Member Login”
  4. Select “Need a Login? Click here”
  5. Enter First Name, Last Name, & email address as it appears in the church directory and then click “Find Me”
  6. An email will be sent containing your log-in information.
  7. Follow steps 1-3 above to log in with your email and password.

**If you email does not match please call the Church Office (256-353-0423)

Add Giving App to Mobile phone: (requires Online Giving Log-in)

1. Download the “Church Life” App from your mobile device
          ­IPhone users – App Store – Church Life
          ­Android users – Google Play Store – Church Life
2. Log-in using online giving username & password
3. Select the “Menu” (top left-hand corner)
4. Should now have access to:                                                                                          

­Church Directory “People”

­Mobile Giving “Giving”
5. Select “Give” option to submit a gift
6. Follow the prompts to enter your payment method & frequency
7. Notice the option to “Save” your payment method
8. Now you are set-up to use the Mobile Giving App